Taking care of your teeth and gums turns out to be one of the best things you can do for your overall health.

Unfortunately there are no tax subsidies to help pay for dental or vision coverage, but you may still benefit from having insurance.

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What coverage does your dentist recommend?

It is good to have a relationship with a dentist and have your teeth cleaned twice a year. It is hard to find good comprehensive dental coverage that allows you to see any dentist. In many respects, dental insurance can just be an exchange of dollars. You pay a premium, and you still pay at the dental office for care, with low maximums for annual benefits. It can be cheaper for you to just pay for services when you need them, especially if you have a Health Savings Account.

How you feel about your dentist is personal. You can ask them which coverage they think is best, and they may guide you to coverage. They may be a Preferred Provider on certain plans, and not even accept other plans. It’s always good to ask. 

The HMO type dental plans generally have an approved panel of providers that you must work within. They offer Dental Maintenance Organizations to help control some of the plan expenses in an effort to create more affordable premiums and services.

Make sure that a large medical expense doesn’t sink your financial ship.

There are many ways to get medical care, and a large variety of plans to pick from.

With companies like Anthem Blue Cross, they help negotiate the cost of care ahead of time to assure you many discounts within the health care delivery system. These discounts help save you money and are an important part of protecting your out of pocket costs.

There is a relationship between premiums and benefits. You can pay a lot in premiums every month to help keep your out of pocket costs lower when you see the doctor. Or you can keep your premiums lower with a higher deductible. Either way, the insurance will have an Out of Pocket Maximum where your losses stop, and the insurance covers all the expenses. Every calendar year stands on its own so you start over again next year.

If you are self employed, you may be able to take advantage of deductible premiums on the front page of your 1040 tax return. Even the Health Savings Accounts offer tax advantages on the front page of the 1040, but they require you to purchase a special large deductible insurance design before you are eligible to open the Health Savings Account.

There is a lot to learn as you work through the Health and Dental coverage maze, but with a little education and effort you can make choices today that will benefit you for many years to come.

Use the search engine feature of this web site to shop for your coverage and let me help you compare the features and benefits. You’ll be glad you work with us!